July 23, 2024
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Tanzania welcomes fresh fleet of electric locomotives for July 2024 SGR launch


The United Republic of Tanzania has made a significant stride towards modernizing its transportation infrastructure with the recent arrival of a new shipment of electric locomotives.

These state-of-the-art engines are set to revolutionize the country’s rail travel when the new Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) becomes operational in July 2024.

The newly delivered locomotives boast an impressive capacity, capable of transporting up to 589 passengers at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. This addition brings the total number of locomotive engines to four and coaches to 56, paving the way for the seamless operation of the modern railway service.

The Tanzanian government has outlined an ambitious procurement strategy, aiming to purchase a total of 59 passenger coaches and 17 locomotives. The final three coaches are expected to arrive in February 2024, completing the fleet needed for the SGR’s full-scale launch.

The SGR project, which has a staggering budget of $7.6 billion, spans a distance of 1,600 kilometers, connecting the bustling port city of Dar es Salaam to the inland regions of Kigoma via Mwanza. This extensive network is poised to enhance connectivity, boost economic growth, and facilitate easier movement of goods and people across the country.

With the SGR’s launch just around the corner, Tanzania is set to enter a new era of rail transportation, promising faster, more efficient travel for its citizens and visitors alike. The successful implementation of this project underscores Tanzania’s commitment to infrastructure development and its vision for a modern, interconnected future.

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