July 23, 2024
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Gambian minister refutes opposition leader’s allegations on land allocated to President Barrow


The Ministry of Lands, Regional Government, and Religious Affairs has firmly responded to comments made by opposition leader, Lawyer Ousainou N.M.O. Darboe, regarding the recent allocation of land to President Adama Barrow.

During a United Democratic Party (UDP) press conference on 3rd June 2024, Darboe criticized the allocation of a piece of land on Atlantic Road, Fajara, to President Barrow.

The Minister of Lands expressed dismay at Darboe’s remarks, emphasizing that the Ministry’s mandate for land allocation extends to all Gambians, including the President.

The Minister pointed out that Lawyer Darboe himself had benefited from land allocations during the Jawara administration. Additionally, Darboe’s immediate family members received land allocations during his tenure as Foreign Minister and later as Vice President under the current government.

The Minister suggested that Darboe’s comments were made in bad faith, with the intent to stir controversy and discontent among the population.

Addressing the specific case of the land allocated to President Barrow, the Ministry clarified that the land had been unoccupied by any authority, including the Chief Justice, for many years. Therefore, the Ministry exercised its statutory mandate to reallocate the land, deeming it appropriate to assign it to the sitting Head of State. The Minister reassured the public that Darboe’s statements were misplaced and seemed aimed solely at casting President Barrow in a negative light for political gain.

The Ministry reaffirmed its commitment to transparent and fair land allocation practices for all Gambians and urged the public to disregard Darboe’s attempts to politicize the process.

This development comes amid heightened political tension as the nation approaches the next election cycle, underscoring the ongoing struggles between the ruling government and opposition parties.

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