July 23, 2024
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Namibian authorities expel Zambian ‘prophetess’ over alleged fake miracles, financial exploitation


Namibian immigration authorities expelled a self-styled Zambian Pentecostal celebrity known to her followers as Prophetess Naise, following allegations of staging fake miracles and swindling citizens. The controversial preacher was given a strict 24-hour ultimatum to exit the country, with an unequivocal order never to return.

The incident unfolded three days ago when Namibian authorities, acting on multiple complaints, raided a high-profile Church conference in Windhoek. Prophetess Naise, who has gained notoriety for her flamboyant style and extravagant promises, was at the center of the event, which was suspiciously timed to coincide with payday for many Namibian workers.

During the raid, authorities discovered that the conference attendees were being coerced into “sowing a generous seed” in exchange for divine blessings in various aspects of life, including finances, marriage, career advancements, and even luxurious holiday trips. The authorities, concerned about the potential financial exploitation of citizens, swiftly intervened and detained Naise.

The arrest and detention of Prophetess Naise sparked considerable attention. While in custody, she reportedly fell ill and was subsequently transferred to a nearby hospital. Citing humanitarian grounds, the authorities decided to release her from detention but maintained the expulsion order.

An official statement from the Namibian immigration office confirmed the preacher’s expulsion: “She was given a report order at 17:00 hours to leave Namibia at her own cost within 24 hours and never come back.” The statement further clarified that Prophetess Naise is scheduled to fly out of Namibia today, avoiding a court appearance initially set for Wednesday.

This incident has underscored the vigilance of Namibian authorities in protecting their citizens from potential scams and exploitation. The swift action taken against Prophetess Naise serves as a stern warning to other individuals who might attempt similar fraudulent activities in the country.

As Prophetess Naise prepares to leave Namibia, the story serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of discerning genuine spiritual guidance from deceptive schemes. The Namibian government’s firm stance reflects its commitment to safeguarding the welfare and financial security of its people.

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