Kenya investigates death of military chief in helicopter crash

The nation of Kenya is reeling from the aftermath of a devastating helicopter crash that claimed the life of its military chief, General Francis Ogolla, and nine other individuals.

The incident, which occurred shortly after takeoff in the country’s northwest, has prompted urgent investigations by the government.

General Ogolla was among 12 occupants aboard the ill-fated helicopter. The crash site, located in a remote area, witnessed a grim scene as rescuers worked tirelessly to recover the victims. The deceased were swiftly flown to Nairobi, while the two survivors are currently undergoing medical treatment.

President William Ruto has declared three days of national mourning in honor of the fallen, acknowledging the profound impact of the loss on the nation. “This is a moment of great sadness for our country,” remarked President Ruto in a public statement.

General Ogolla, who assumed the role of Chief of Defence Forces in April last year, is remembered as a dedicated and valiant officer who served his country with distinction. The tragic crash also claimed the lives of other high-ranking military personnel, including Brigadier Swale Saidi, Colonel Duncan Keittany, and several others.

The African Union Commission has extended its heartfelt condolences to Kenya, acknowledging that the officers were on a critical mission to address banditry in the North Rift region.

This recent catastrophe evokes painful memories of a similar incident in June 2021 when 10 soldiers lost their lives in a helicopter crash near Nairobi. Investigations into the cause of this latest crash are underway as Kenya mourns the loss of these esteemed military figures.

The nation remains united in grief as it waits for answers surrounding the circumstances of this tragic event. The investigation will likely shed light on what led to the helicopter’s fatal descent and offer closure to the families and colleagues of those lost in this heart-wrenching incident.

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