South Africa surpasses Brazil in global hip size ranking

South Africa has claimed the top spot in global rankings for women’s average hip sizes, overtaking the traditionally celebrated curves of Brazil, according to a recent study by market research firm GitNux.

The report, titled “Statistics About The Average Hip Size For Women,” analyzed data from Nigeria and 16 other nations to reveal intriguing trends in body proportions.

South African women emerged with the widest average hip size of 41.73 inches, suggesting a significant representation of ample backsides among the population. This revelation dethrones Brazil, renowned for its association with wide hips, despite not being included in the study’s dataset.

Following closely behind South Africa, Argentina secured the second position with an average hip measurement of 41 inches. This finding is noteworthy considering Argentina’s robust cosmetic surgery industry, notably famous for Brazilian Butt Lift procedures.

Sweden, often recognized for its tall and slender stereotypes, took third place with an average hip circumference of 40.9 inches, defying conventional expectations.

The rankings also spotlighted Greece and Germany in fourth and fifth places respectively, with average hip sizes of 40.74 and 40.6 inches. Meanwhile, the United States ranked sixth, boasting an average hip measurement of 40.2 inches.

Interestingly, Nigerian women recorded an average hip circumference of approximately 38.56 inches, serving as a benchmark for pelvic size within the dataset. However, researchers cautioned that this figure is based on a sample group and may not be universally representative.

Contrastingly, India emerged with the smallest average hip size at 36.1 inches, aligning with the country’s position as one of the lowest in global obesity rates.

Although the study does not delve into the causal factors behind these rankings, it alludes to potential influences such as obesity rates, prevalence of cosmetic enhancements, and inherent anatomical structures that could contribute to these diverse body proportions.

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