July 23, 2024
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Gambia: Anti-crime unit intensifies patrols, crackdown in Banjul


The Anti-Crime Unit (ACU) of the Gambia Police Force has ramped up its operations across several key locations in the Greater Banjul Area, including Banjulnding, Brufut, and Kotu. These intensified patrols, conducted alongside the GPF Press Team, aim to inform the public of the ongoing efforts to curtail criminal activities and maintain a secure environment for all residents.

During the recent night patrols, the ACU achieved significant breakthroughs, arresting 26 individuals on charges ranging from possession of illegal weapons and suspected narcotics to the possession of stolen property. Among the notable incidents, the unit apprehended Yusupha Baldeh and Saikou Camara for transporting stolen goats, underscoring the ACU’s proactive stance on livestock theft—a persistent issue in rural and semi-urban areas.

In a related operation, patrol teams in Latriya successfully recovered eight goats and a sheep, further demonstrating the unit’s effectiveness in combatting theft. All suspects and the recovered property have been transported to the ACU base for detailed investigation and processing.

The ACU has issued an open invitation to residents who may have lost goats or sheep to visit the Banjulnding base for potential identification and reclamation of their livestock. This initiative highlights the unit’s dedication to restoring stolen property to rightful owners and its broader commitment to community safety and trust.

The Gambia Police Force remains resolute in its mission to fight crime and protect the citizens, ensuring that the Greater Banjul Area continues to be a safe and secure place for all.

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