July 23, 2024
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Nigerian govt shuts Chinese-owned supermarket over discrimination


Nigeria’s consumer protection watchdog has ordered the closure of a Chinese-owned supermarket in Abuja.

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) intervened swiftly after receiving reports and social media outcry alleging that the supermarket was denying entry to Nigerian citizens based on their ethnicity.

Disturbing videos circulated online depicted individuals recounting their experiences of being turned away by security personnel solely due to not being of Chinese descent.

Former senator Shehu Sani, among other prominent figures, voiced support for decisive action against discriminatory practices, asserting that any establishment barring Nigerian citizens from entry should face repercussions.

The response from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria denied accusations of racism, emphasizing their dedication to promoting equality and inclusivity within the business community.

Despite these claims, the FCCPC remains resolute in its pursuit of accountability, summoning the supermarket owner for a thorough investigation.

The incident has reignited discussions on discrimination and access to commercial spaces, highlighting the imperative of upholding equal treatment for all consumers, irrespective of nationality or ethnicity.

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