July 23, 2024
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Paris Police disperse migrants near Seine River


In the early hours of a brisk Tuesday morning, Paris police executed an eviction operation targeting a group of young men from West Africa who had been residing in makeshift tents near the Seine River, underscoring heightened efforts ahead of the upcoming Olympics.

The scene unfolded as authorities swiftly dismantled the camp, predominantly inhabited by underage individuals in the midst of seeking residency documentation.

This action follows a recent large-scale eviction at France’s largest squatter camp, situated in a suburb south of Paris, reflecting a broader trend of displacement impacting vulnerable communities.

Aurelie Huot, a member of ‘Le revers de la médaille,’ a collective advocating against the social repercussions of the Olympics, expressed concerns that such evictions are directly related to preparations for the international event.

“These evacuations have become a weekly occurrence in Paris over the past several months, accelerating in pace and affecting all those residing on the streets,” Huot remarked.

While spring typically marks the end of a winter ‘truce,’ during which authorities suspend such actions, aid organizations operating in the Paris region have observed a significant escalation in eviction operations targeting migrant communities.

Furthermore, individuals displaced by these actions are often relocated far from the capital, rather than being offered shelter within the Paris region—a particularly concerning issue given that many asylum-seekers have impending court appearances.

Elias Hufganel, a dedicated volunteer assisting refugees and immigrants, highlighted a perceived motive behind the evictions: “The authorities aim to present a sanitized image of Paris ahead of the Olympic Games, shielding tourists from the reality of a city grappling with migrant and asylum-seeker populations.”

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