King Salman to deliver annual royal speech before Shura Council

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman has been scheduled to deliver on Sunday, virtually, the annual royal speech of the works of 3rd year of 8th session of Shoura Council with regard to internal and external policies of Saudi Arabia, the Shoura Council President Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al-Sheikh said.

Dr. Al-Sheikh stated to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that the annual royal speech is a source of pride for the Shoura Council. It is considered as an occasion to look forward to. He said, every year we need to listen to the speech of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques because of the important messages it carries that renew the Shoura process.

He also said that the annual royal speech contributes to strengthening the methodology of the Council’s work in discussing and studying all the topics that fall under its purview.

During its second year, the Shoura Council worked through its 15 specialized committees to meet with officials and discuss them in the content of the annual performance reports of their agencies.

It also paid attention to all the challenges that its reports carries which requires to be included in the committee’ recommendations, so that it can then be a decision issued by the Council.

Dr. Al-Sheikh revealed the achievements of the Council during the works of 2rd year of the Shoura Council’ 8th session. He said that it held 53 sessions, during which it issued 396 decisions, and discussed 210 reports of government agencies, indicating that the Council issued its decisions in this regard after careful consideration and study.

As for the second year of the current session of the Shoura Council, Dr. Al-Sheikh said that it has resulted in achievements related to parliamentary diplomacy, as more than 34 official participations and visits have been carried out.

He also added that the parliamentary friendship committees held 44 meetings with their counterparts in the parliamentary councils or diplomats in Saudi Arabia, in order to support the efforts, in addition to clarifying the Kingdom’s viewpoint on many current regional and international issues.

Dr. Al-Sheikh said that the Shoura Council is receiving great attention from King Salman and the Crown Prince and Prime Minister Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, through their continuous support to the Council.

The Saudi leadership’s support for the Shoura Council confirms their confidence in the Council and its role as a partner in decision-making as a house of expertise in strengthening the work of state agencies, as well as being an important station in the enactment of regulations and legislation.

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