Inspector General Abdoulie Sanyang commits to transforming Gambia police force

Inspector General Abdoulie Sanyang, the head of The Gambia Police Force, has reaffirmed his unwavering dedication to reforming the country’s law enforcement agency.

The commitment was emphasized during his visit to the in-service training for traffic officers held at the Police Training School in Banjulunding on November 7, 2023.

IGP Abdoulie Sanyang, who has been leading The Gambia Police Force, is resolutely focused on driving transformative changes that align with international standards, ultimately steering the force towards a model of democratic policing.

The ongoing reform initiatives extend across various units within the police force, with particular attention paid to the mobile traffic unit.

This unit is currently undergoing comprehensive training in traffic management, covering fundamental skills and advanced techniques, with the aim of arming officers with the necessary tools and knowledge to better serve the public.

In his address to the officers participating in the training, IGP Sanyang underscored the pivotal role of such programs in achieving the force’s overarching reform goals. He also expressed appreciation and recognition for the efforts of the German trainers who have been contributing to these training programs.

The Gambia Police Force is unwavering in its commitment to enhancing the services provided to the public through these ongoing reform initiatives.

As the force continues to undergo transformation, it is expected to become a more effective and accountable institution, better equipped to serve the citizens of The Gambia.

This reaffirmation by Inspector General Abdoulie Sanyang underscores a significant step forward in the modernization and professionalization of The Gambia Police Force, bringing it closer to international standards of law enforcement and bolstering public trust.

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