July 23, 2024
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FLACS, STEMDUP Academy join forces to provide opportunities for African, Muslim Students in Bronx


After the setback of not being able to establish the Stemdup Academy Charter School due to New York City’s charter cap, a new opportunity has emerged for the community.

Stemdup Academy is thrilled to announce a partnership with Family Life Academy Charter Schools (FLACS) in the Bronx.

This collaboration will allow the students initially intended for Stemdup Academy to benefit from FLACS’s high-achieving educational environment and rich extracurricular activities.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh, the facilitator of this initiative and co-founder of STEMDUP Institute, expressed deep gratitude towards FLACS management for their willingness to accommodate students through this collaboration.

“This is a significant opportunity for African and Muslim students in the Bronx who have been seeking charter school admissions,” he stated.

Parents of children from Kindergarten to High School who have been praying for spots in high-performing charter schools are urged to contact Drammeh directly to take advantage of this opportunity. With the high demand for charter school enrollments, this chance is especially valuable for families in the African and Muslim communities.

In addition to providing placements, the partnership aims to create a culturally inclusive curriculum and environment. Drammeh and his team will work closely with FLACS management to ensure that the specific needs of African and Muslim students are met. Simultaneously, the Muslim Media Corporation will design a marketing campaign to reach these communities effectively.

This initiative marks a significant step towards educational equity and cultural inclusivity in the Bronx, providing a much-needed boost for the local African and Muslim communities.

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