Major police operation in Gambia cracks down on illegal highway encroachments, leading to 70 arrests

In a significant law enforcement effort aimed at reclaiming public roads and highways in Gambia, the police have apprehended a total of seventy individuals who failed to comply with the ongoing operation targeting illegal encroachments.

Last week’s operation resulted in the arrest and subsequent legal actions against the non-compliant individuals.

Of the seventy arrested, twenty-eight individuals have faced prosecution, with the majority of them, specifically seventeen, pleading guilty to their charges.

The remaining eleven individuals, however, have chosen to contest the charges, pleading not guilty.

For those who pleaded not guilty, their cases have been adjourned, and they are set to appear in court on Tuesday, November 7, where they will have the opportunity to defend their actions.

The remaining individuals arrested during the operation are scheduled to make their court appearances on Monday, November 6.

The law enforcement agencies involved in this operation have issued a stern warning to the public, emphasizing that individuals found in areas that have already been cleared and those who attempt to return to such locations will face arrest and prosecution.

This operation signifies a proactive stance taken by the authorities to combat the problem of illegal encroachments on highways and roads, which pose a risk to public safety and disrupt the smooth flow of traffic.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the Gambia public will be watching closely to see how these cases are resolved and what impact this operation has on highway encroachments in the region.

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